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Cura Software believes strongly in its responsibility to its surrounding communities and the environment. Accordingly, Cura has a number of CSR initiatives in which we invest our team members’ time and skills, donate equipment and make charitable contributions towards.


Jicama 89 is a registered Sec 21 Company whose primary purpose is to support deserving organizations in their efforts to meeting the needs of those less fortunate and able.

In March 2013 Cura, with the help of Jicama 89, donated 18 laptop computers and 5 desktop computers to The Sibonile School for the blind. These laptops and desktops then had the necessary software installed on them to enable the learners to uses the computers through audio feedback.

The Sibonile School provides schooling, accommodation, food and clothing for 189 children, who are either partially sighted, totally blind or deaf and blind. It is apparent therefore that some of the pupils are not academic. A simple question then is what does the future of a visually impaired hold if his/her education does not provide anything in that regard? Their goal is to fully prepare the visually impaired persons for meaningful integration/inclusion in the society.