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CURA Software Wins Da Vinci TT100 Award for Excellence in Management of Innovation

CURA Software Solutions was honoured with the Da Vinci Award for Excellence in Management of Innovation in the Small Business Category at the 2018 Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovations Awards Ceremony held on Wednesday 14 November 2018.

The Management of Innovation Award acknowledges how well an organisation capitalises on the ideation process to develop an innovative product, service, process or system and, in turn, how well the business commercialises and implements such innovations.

This award is centred around the development, implementation and monitoring of innovative technology strategy within an organisation. Companies are evaluated their ability to maintain a competitive advantage through their incorporation of emerging, pacing, key and base technologies. Key focus is on their improvement of quality and productivity, higher flexibility, cost leadership and new market exploitation. CURA also secured a spot as small enterprise finalists in the Management of Technology, Management of Systems and Overall Excellence categories.

Alex Roberts, CURA Software’s Regional Director of Sales and Operations, says, “ We are extremely proud that CURA has been recognised for being on the cutting edge of managing Innovation, Technology and Systems. The Small Business Category is extremely competitive, and we were compared to a wide variety of other companies from industries such as mining, water management and ICT companies. CURA has won a TT100 Award for two years consecutively, and the fact that we are expanding the number of areas in which we are placing as finalists really does show that we are moving onward and upwards.”

About the Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovations Awards
The Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovation Awards Programme is South Africa’s foremost business Awards programme. TT100 has been recognising innovation and technological prowess in South African companies for more than 25 years. It is focused on identifying true managerial leaders who through innovation, tenacity and a belief in people, have been able to take their organisations to new levels of competitiveness. The programme seeks to identify role models within the management of innovation and technology domains who have demonstrated their excellence in co-creating new workplace realities.

About CURA Software Solutions
CURA Software Solutions is a leading provider of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Risk-based Audit software solutions, implemented across more than 250 enterprise customers globally. These solutions offer a clear picture of risk across the organisation which leads to better decision-making and risk management. CURA enhances visibility into business activities and allows for information to be easily consumed and actioned, enabling better business performance and managing the uncertainty of risk.

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