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Does your Organization have a Return-to-work Strategy in place?

CURA Covid19 organization safety tracker

Simplify the Complexity of your Return-to-work Strategy and ongoing workplace management measures, whilst reducing the cost and resource requirements to do so.

Businesses should do everything they can to reopen and reopen safely. COVID19 is a risk to all, and it has already caused enough chaos both emotionally and financially. Reopening requires several serious considerations, and the health and safety of your stakeholders is paramount. The good news is, it is not too late. You can still manage your risk.

Organizations of all types are required to adhere to several new health and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of employers, suppliers, and customers. Knowing what regulations apply to you and what rules to follow is daunting and takes time, energy, and resources.

Implementing, tracking, communicating, and reporting are the necessary protocols and is something that all businesses must do to properly manage COVID19 risk. To ensure that you are correctly and efficiently following all the procedures for a safe reopening, use CURA all-inclusive software. COVID-19 Workplace Tracker and COVID19 Wellness Form.

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Read on to learn more about how CURA can help you manage your COVID19 risk.

Impromptu reopening to save the business can lead to a shutdown

Everyone would love for everything to go back to normal and reopen to keep the business going. Unfortunately, some businesses and schools have already tried doing that and they are now facing the repercussions of opening unprepared. When you reopen too briskly, you will not only be responsible for increased infections, but you also have the risk of facing expensive lawsuits and in some cases, a complete and total shutdown.

While reopening your business safety should be the ultimate goal, it is tough to be successful when the correct protocols are not in place. Protocols including but not limited to, checking ventilation systems, cleaning offices regularly, social distancing, virtual health checks, testing water systems, worker protections, and more. You need software like CURA to help you manage risk. Our CURA all-inclusive COVID19 solution will let you not only track your environment but also track your employees and stakeholders to make sure they are safe. CURA will make your job easy and assure your employees, clients, and stakeholders of your protocols.

CURA COVID19 Software Solution

To safely reopen your business and mitigate any COVID19 related risk, you need a solution to help you follow all the vital health and safety guidelines and requirements from national health experts. You need a simple, intuitive option that will help you do everything you need to consider for reopening so that you can protect your employees and remain compliant with national health institutes. This is the smart way to reopen and stay open during the pandemic. 

Instead of manually attempting to manage the latest compliance requirements, CURA can streamline the process, making it easier for organizations of all types and sizes. CURA’s all-inclusive COVID19 risk management solution is the optimal solution for reopening your business.

The COVID19 Workplace Response Tracker gives you a customized set of health and safety regulations, and you can ensure that your business is compliant, track, record, and report your progress to ensure stakeholders that your premises are safe and open for business.

Our COVID19 Wellness Form gives all your employees, clients, suppliers, and even the delivery guy access to fill out a form before entering the premises. The Wellness Form is a standard questionnaire from national health organizations that is not only helpful to determine if they can enter the building but also monitor and track employee symptoms, travel history, work from home preferences, quarantine history etc and this form integrates with the Workplace Tracker for easy dashboards and reports.

As an employer, you will have all of the information you need to whether they should stay home for a few days and monitor their symptoms, or if they should fully quarantine and get tested. This form will provide all the parameters in the equation for evaluating your risk. Get a complete safety picture of your organization with the collected data and integrating it with the safety protocols.

COVID19 creates a huge risk for reopening. Until now, you have done everything in your power to keep the environment safe for your employees and stakeholders, but you are understandably unsure of what you are doing is the right way of doing it. Our user-friendly solution is based on CDC and WHO guidelines and we are continually updating the compliance requirements as new information comes in, so your business does not have to waste time and resources. Our intuitive dashboard can give a snapshot of your progress on safety tasks and employee wellness. You can quickly share your status reports and accomplishments with your board members and stakeholders. Show your efforts to your customers in keeping them safe.


  • Implement actions quickly with the help of notifications and escalations.
  • Reduce the stress and strain of reopening.
  • Stay up-to-date with all of the latest compliance stipulations.
  • Backed by a well-established, industry-leading platform.
  • Gain peace-of-mind that you are maintaining compliance and keeping up with regulations.
  • Fully scalable
  • Includes a pre-populated risk assessment
  • Fast and easy to deploy and report in a secure cloud environment
  • Serves as the foundation to protect your future.

The Confidence You Need to Reopen Safely

CURA will be going live with this software in the US shortly. Our subscription-based software is based on CDC and WHO guidelines and it will help you with an all-around approach to COVID-19 risk and control assessment and re-assessment.

CURA’s motto is to help you manage your uncertainties. The pandemic has hurt you and your business enough, and CURA is here to help.

Reopen your business safely with CURA.

We have made our software solution as affordable as possible and offer different pricing options for nonprofit organizations. To learn more about Cura’s COVID-19 compliance software or to pre-order for your business, CLICK HERE to be the first to know and join our waitlist.

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