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Executives in the Line of Fire: A Cautionary Tale of Risk Assurance

2017 saw the resignation of several senior executives of large global corporations as a result of organisation-wide malpractice. This has established a new benchmark for accountability in South Africa: executives are being more assertive when it comes to wrongdoings within their businesses.

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A cautionary tale of risk assurance

Accountability, especially from top-level executives, is vital to a thriving business. Which is why processes and practices need to be implemented so that you’re not wrongly in the line of fire. However tight your assurances are, there is still a risk of failure.

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How the New Data Protection Laws Will Keep Your Data Safe

How safe is your data? South Africa recently experienced the largest data breach in its history, where over 30 million records of personal information – including names, addresses, ID numbers, genders, ethnicities and email addresses of people both living and deceased – were extracted from a company’s database…


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Q & A on Ransomware with Mr. Ross Saunders – Director: Global Technology Services at Cura Software Solutions.


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Industrial cybersecurity resilience in focus as attacks increase

“… identifying key risks – including the potential health and safety risks from hacked hazardous or dangerous equipment or processes and business disruption risks – remains the most effective way to identify the most important systems to protect, says multinational enterprise risk management firm Cura South Africa sales and operations regional director Alex Roberts….”

Source: Engineering News

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New platform launched to help companies manage risks and continuity plans

“Corporate governance risk and compliance software firm Cura South Africa has launched a risk-management software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which provides a subscription-based system for companies to manage their business risks and continuity plans according to international standards…”

Source: Engineering News

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