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The End of an Era for Shareholder Supremacy

In the face of corporate scandals such as the Steinhoff accounting irregularities, Tiger Brands’ listeriosis crisis and Enron just to name a few, it has become clear that big corporation’s modus operandi of shareholder supremacy is potentially having dire effects on public sentiment. In a world where shareholders rule, directors manage organizations for the purpose


As the compliance date of 25 May 2018 draws near, have you considered whether or not your business needs to align with the General Data Protection Legislation? As the GDPR is golden standard for data protection legislation globally, POPIA compliance may not be enough, depending on your data handling commitments as an organisation. Two main

Reducing Risk Through the Internet of Things

Technological innovation through the Internet of Things is set to springboard Governance, Risk and Compliance practices into the future. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital revolution that not only has the potential to impact how we live, but also how we work. By 2020, it has been predicted that there will be anywhere from

The Critical Importance of Documented Risk Assessment

In April of 1912, Captain E.J. Smith said, “Never in all history have we harnessed suchformidable technology. Every scientific advancement known to man has been incorporated intoits design. The operational controls are sound and foolproof!” This quote went on to becomesynonymous with one of history’s greatest failures to adequately assess risk: the sinking of theTitanic.

Save your Reputation

Like any other potentially damaging business risk, reputational risk must be accounted for andmitigated against. In a corporate sense, reputational risk is defined as the potential for losses in terms of lostrevenue; increased operating, capital or regulatory costs; or the destruction of shareholdervalue, that are the result of damage to an organisation’s reputation. Most often,

A cautionary tale of risk assurance

Accountability, especially from top-level executives, is vital to a thriving business. Which is why processes and practices need to be implemented so that you’re not wrongly in the line of fire. However tight your assurances are, there is still a risk of failure.2017 saw the resignation of several senior executives of large global corporations as