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Free webinar on managing risk management performance
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DATE: Friday, September 4, 2015
TIME: AUS 6.00 PM , SA 10 AM , UK 9 AM .

Organisations pursue their objectives by taking and implementing decisions but they must do so in external and internal environments in which there is uncertainty. We call the effect that this uncertainty has on the organisation’s objectives ‘risk’.

The purpose for managing risk is to improve decision-making so as to make it more likely that the subsequent actions will contribute as much as possible to the achievement of the organisation’s ultimate purpose – the realisation of its objectives. It has no other purpose.

Clearly if an organization can improve the effectiveness of its approach to managing risk, then it is more likely to achieve its objectives and be successful.

Join us to hear Grant Purdy's expert insights on how, practically, organisation's can improve the effectiveness of their approach to managing risk through the use of normal performance management and improvement methods.

He will describe how:
  • Performance management and improvement is an important component of a risk management framework;
  • Performance measures and KPIs for risk management can be set and used;
  • Tools that measure the effectiveness (maturity) of risk management that are tailored to an organisation’s standards and principles for managing risk can be developed and used for benchmarking, diagnostics and improvement planning;
  • Such performance management approaches can form the cornerstone of governance reporting that seeks to demonstrate that an organisation’s approach to managing risk is soundly based and effective.

grant Presented By Grant Purdy Associate Director of Broadleaf Capital International
The Webinar will be delivered by Grant Purdy, Associate Director of Broadleaf Capital International. Grant has over 38 years’ practical experience in managing risk and has worked for a wide range of organisations across the world.

Grant represented Australia on the working group that prepared ISO 31000 and has been active in developing national and international standards and writing guidance publications, books, papers and articles for many years. He now devotes his time to supporting and mentoring senior management and boards as to how they can be more effective in the way they manage risk as an integral part of their system of management and governance.

Broadleaf is one of the world’s foremost risk management groups, concerned with creating value from uncertainty for its clients. Broadleaf’s core business is risk management and it specialises in tailoring an approach to managing risk to the structures and cultures of the organisations with which it works. These span a wide range, from public sector policy-oriented organisations to more technical and project-directed ones.

 is a leading provider of Risk, Audit and Compliance Management software for Enterprises. Hundreds of large and small Enterprises rely on Cura Platform to manage the uncertainty in their organization through intelligent Risk management, efficient Audit management and assuring Compliance to both Internal and Regulatory obligations.
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